A. James Brummel



According to his facebook page, “A. James” was hatched in Ottawa, ON (Algonquin Territory) on the month of March, 1976. He “attended” Carleton University, “worked” at Occupied Ottawa, and has an “awkward” position at 613 Records. A. James is known to police and his accomplices as an “artist,” pro or con being debatable.

As a pre-teen, A. James had plans of becoming a comic book artist. Influenced by his father’s collection, he read Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Swamp Thing, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, Robert Crumb, French Ice and Judge Dredd. Then started his own collecting, of Todd McFarlane’s Spiderman, Jim Lee’s Punisher, Chris Claremont’s X-men, and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first “artwork” he sold was ink drawings of Ninja Turtles to his classmates in grade 8. For grade 9, A. James was accepted into the Triple Credit Visual Art Program at Canterbury High School, and read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol and Animal Man, and Peter Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man. British artists like Dave Mckean pointed a way beyond the comic book and into the realm of “fine arts.” As Nirvana pointed to a place beyond punk and metal sounds. To kids like him, in the early 1990’s, these were gateways, ways out of the “popular culture” and into what might be considered “classics” and the underground. In 1992 he began a co-op at CKCU FM, Carleton University’s campus/community radio station. And it was there, not in school where he says that he received the most education. In 1993 he started his life-long addiction to oil paint, and has since made unknown number of pieces in that medium, mostly portraiture.

In 2007, A. James’ exhibition of canvases at Artguise Gallery, entitled: The Soft Palette, had eight large portraits with bright colours and thick, broad brush strokes. The following year, he wanted to do something different. Which became The Negro League Series (2008), smaller, black & white oil paintings of baseball players like Satchel Paige and Jackie Robinson. Then, on stardate 2009.1, Star Trek premiered at Shanghai Restaurant in chinatown. And thusly, A. James returned to the realm of pop-cult.

Aron Eisenberg as Nog, for Ottawa Comiccon 2020.