August Audio

August Audio was originally created by ADAM III (of THE FAYS) in the 1996 as a label/publishing name.  In the 21st century, it became the name of the non-profit distributor and organization which would later transform into the dark, Ottawa music business entity known as “613” (six-one-three).

AA continues to promote and distrubute sounds out of O-town (without profit).  In 2010, Tara Holloway’s independent debut e.p. “Sins to Confess” was exclusively distributed and promoted by AA, and consequently appeared on campus/community radio charts across the country (not to mention being re-released in 2012 on Jonathan Simkin’s Light Organ Records).  That success has been paralleled (somewhat) by 613’s first release “Out of Ottawa”–spreading across Canada like some insidious disease.

Illustration by David Scagnetti
Poster by David Scagnetti